Monday, April 7, 2014

Hai-KOOL! National Poetry Month

Spring has been slow to arrive where I live, so instead of whining I decided to try writing a couple of haikus about the situation. I am calling them "hai-kools" for the weather they represent. Check out another playful form of haiku on Laura Purdie Salas' blog, where she is writing a riddle-ku a day for National Poetry Month.

Our dog, Watson, is always an inspiration.

wrestling with snowflakes
snapping them out of the air
Watson wins a round.

impending snowstorm
laughs at April calendar.
"Take that, Spring!" it says.


  1. Our neighbors' hyacinth was off to a good start before being hit by snow:
    Pink blossoms tremble,
    tumbling into April snow...
    a gentle passing.

    1. Wonderful, Deborah! Thanks for this beautiful "hai-kool"

  2. So much fun! I like taking the positive approach too, and Watson seems to love it!

    1. He does, indeed! We have a much more favorable forecast this week, which helps my optimism considerably. ;) Thanks for stopping by, Juliana.

  3. I actually just found you on FB, Jane. These are wonderful. I have one I'm posting on Wed. from last week's storm. What a winter-now about 70 tomorrow! Can we do a hai-warm?

  4. I love these, Jane! "wrestling with snowflakes"--lovely! Funny that you and Joyce Sidman both have dogs named Watson:>)

  5. Thanks, Laura. Yes, I think Joyce's Watson is a lab, if I remember correctly.