Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day of Spring, Rescue Dogs, and Hazel Mitchell

Because today is the first day of spring (hooray!), I wanted to show off this sweet new picture book by Liza Gardner Walsh, illustrated by Hazel Mitchell. If you or someone you know loves fairies, get on over to Liza's website and see everything she has for you!

Now on to the special feature of this blog--rescue dogs and Hazel Mitchell. Some time ago, I won Toby, written and illustrated by Mitchell. The package included this amazing Toby swag! (Thank you, Hazel! And to anyone wondering if entering those online contests is worth it, YES! It is!)

What happens when a lonely boy who imagines the fun of playing with a dog actually gets one? Things don't always go the way we think they will. But then again, they do.

This book is loosely based on Mitchell's own real-life Toby, a rescued poodle who has had his own share of adventures. In the book, a boy asks his dad for a dog. Dad says the usual--"If you take care of it...." They bring Toby home from the animal shelter, and the fun--and work--begin. Toby is afraid and unsure of his new surroundings. The boy is disappointed, but realizes that he must teach Toby and earn Toby's trust. Mitchell's illustrations so perfectly capture the emotions of both dog and boy throughout this process. I hope for more Toby stories, because I know he has more escapades to tell! (And who can resist that expressive little face?)

If you have adopted a rescue dog, please comment and post a picture in the comment section below.

Here's to spring, fairies, rescue dogs, and the people who write about them!