Sunday, September 22, 2019

Dear Poet--a Wisdom Book for Creatives and Dreamers


           When I received a digital copy of Charles Ghigna’s Dear Poet courtesy of the publisher, I read it. I immediately reread it. And then I read it again. I ordered a print copy, so that I can more easily refer to it, mark it, and highlight it. Just before setting down these words, I read it. And I immediately reread it. It’s that good.
            Dedicated to his artist son, Chip, and writer wife, Debra, Ghigna wrote this slim book of poems with them in mind. He also looked back and wrote the advice he wished he'd received as a young poet.
            Taken together, the title and subtitle, Dear Poet: Notes to a Young Writer, may seem exclusive to those involved with poetry. The rest of the title opens up the book’s true purpose and includes a larger audience: A Poetic Journey into the Creative Process for Readers, Writers, Artists, & Dreamers.
            This is a book of wisdom for creatives and persons following their own dreams at any age. Replace the word “poem” with your dream, and the advice will apply to you. I read the entire fifty-six page book in twenty minutes. I will absorb it over the course of the rest of my life.
            Ghigna includes poems about recognizing limits, dealing with difficulties, keeping hope, and getting out of one's own way. Using metaphor and simile, he defines the undefinable—style, voice, inspiration, and poetry itself. You will find an echo, a firefly, a sunset, and other ordinary things to guide, encourage, and give purpose to your creative journey.

I highly recommend buying this wisdom book and keeping it handy to read and re-read to soak in inspiration.

A look back: I reviewed Charles Ghigna's book for children, First Times, here.