Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sleepy time poem--National Poetry Month

The Fragrance of Sleep

Just bathed
Talc powdered
Fleece swaddled
Milk burbles
Lids fall
Sigh sinks
Into slumber

Poet David L. Harrison sponsors a Word of the Month (WOM) poem on his blog. Each month a new word is chosen, and poets--amateur, professional, and anything in between--post their creations using the word. This month's word is fragrance. My entry is above. Come and join us! There's a section for young poets, too!

(photo & poem copyright Jane Healy, all rights reserved)


  1. Hi Jane,
    I really love this poem and baby photo. So lovely.

  2. Thank you, beagleAnnie. I hope you will think of it when you hold your new grandchild!