Thursday, April 26, 2018

Peachy Poetry: Happy National Poetry Month!

(all photos by Jane Heitman Healy (c) 2011)

If you follow this blog in late summer, you know I love peaches from Western Colorado. So when teacher-poet Janet Clare Fagal submitted these poems, my mouth watered! Enjoy the poem, leave a comment for Janet, and enjoy a fresh peach when you get a chance.                  

                                  After Spring Comes Summer: A Trio of Peachy Poems

                                                           The Peach

                                                           Rub, squeeze, chomp, sip
                                                           sweet fleshy globe.
                                                           Golden-pink like sunset.
                                                           Slips down your throat
                                                           cool as night.
                                                           Feels like summer.

                                                               Orchard Treasure

                                                               Silky summer
                                                               poised in the farmstand
                                                               Piled high, plump,

                                                                  Peach Cobbler

                                                                  Swirled like pearls,
                                                                  soft and plump,
                                                                  round like globes,
                                                                  gone in gulps.


  1. Thanks, Jane, for sharing my poetry today. Puts me in a summery mood and we don't even have spring yet. Your photos make me drool. I can't wait for delicious peach pie a la mode.
    Janet Clare F.

    1. I got hooked on peaches when I lived in Western Colorado and am fortunate that we have local outlets here that carry them. I buy at least 1 lug every year. Yum! Thanks for the poems and comments.

  2. Love them all, but that Peach Cobbler's 'swirled pearls' is perfect. My daughter's peach tree is blooming! Thanks, Jane & Janet!

    1. I liked that image, too, Linda B. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Just seeing this, Linda! Thanks as always for your insightful comments. Janet

  3. "Rub, squeeze, chomp, sip/ sweet, fleshy globe..." fabulous word choice, dear Janet. This made my mouth water. Yummy! Painting with words--that's what good poets do! Bravo!

    1. Painting with words, indeed, Vida! Janet has done a marvelous job of making us hunger for late-summer peaches! Thanks for your comments.

    2. Just finding this! Such a lovely comment and even better coming from you dear, Vida!!! Thanks.

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