Saturday, April 8, 2017

In This Corner: National Poetry Month

I'm pleased to introduce poet Dave Healy from St. Paul, MN. Retired director of the University of Minnesota's Writing Center, he now occupies his time with freelance writing and helping others write poetry and memoirs

Remember my previous post? About the world being too much with us? Here's Dave's response. What can each of us do to put our house in order? Leave your ideas in the comments.

This Corner

The world is too much with us
old Bill said.
Perhaps the world is too much
because of us.
Too much to comprehend
too much to fix.
A corner of the world
is quite enough to handle
to brighten and green
to tend
to keep well swept
to leave better than we found it.
Huxley said the only corner
of the universe
you can be certain of improving
is your own self.
Let us risk uncertainty and
forego self-improvement.
Let us join those from
earth’s four corners
and put this great grand
house of ours in order.


  1. I enjoyed. Happy poetry month every month.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Life's Beautiful Path. I do agree that every month is poetry month.