Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's Peach Season!

Yes! It is time to celebrate the season of abundant produce, and particularly peaches! We are so fortunate that a local hardware store trucks in lugs each year from Western Colorado. This year's load (or lode, as I think of it) comes from Black Bear Orchards in Palisade. Yes, we got a whole lug. No, that is not too much for two people--at least not the two people at our house. 

This year's poem for peach season is a haiku: 

slices of sunshine
slide gentle juice down my throat,
cozy taste of home.

See last year's peach season poem here.

What flavors do you savor this season? Here, everything's peachy!
(photos by Jane Heitman Healy, c 2014)


  1. Now I need to go to my Farmer's Market, Jane. They'll be waiting, I'm sure. Time to freeze some to capture summer memories. What a picture! They were my husband's favorites, but I'm still in love with strawberries! Love your 'slices of sunshine'.

  2. Thanks, Linda. Yes, it is time! These are glohavens--freestones. Other varieties should be available now, too. I always like the later varieties best.

  3. Cherries and sweet corn are my "Summer Tastes." And iced lattes--after all, coffee is a vegetable!

  4. All good choices, Debbie! And thanks for that extra health tip about coffee! ;)