Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life's a Peach!

(photo copyright 2011, Jane Heitman Healy)

It's peach season! Fortunately, our local supermarket is selling lugs of peaches from Talbott Farms in Palisade, Colorado, my old stomping grounds in the Grand Valley. They were expensive, but worth it for more than just their flavor. A taste of a Palisade peach is, well--

This Peach

This peach glows
Like a gold nugget,
One side red-orange, sun-swiped,
One side shaded

This peach overflows.
Bites of flawless fruit slip
From the red stone. A flavor fountain
Of juice glazes my chin, my

This peach goes
A thousand miles, tucked
In a lug and trucked, to meet my lips
And bring the taste of

(copyright 2013, Jane Heitman Healy)

(photo copyright 2011, Jane Heitman Healy)

What flavors make you think of home?

For more peachy goodness, see this post from last August.


  1. Love your poem, Jane!
    Did you see my peach poem on Jone MacCulloch's site this July? I have a "trio of peachy poems"...a tasty treat!
    You make me wish I could grab a sweet, juicy one right now!

  2. Thanks, Janet. Here's your poem: I read in the comments about how that came to be--a difficult task, but you rose to the occasion. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am always surprised that peaches even taste fuzzy.

  4. Ha, Sara! I think you could use that to create your own poem about peaches, tastes, textures or all 3!

  5. I like the fact that I couldn't predict the end

    1. Thanks for stopping by, kiva lamoure. Glad I could surprise you. :)