Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Is...


Summer is hot!

This summer is also dry. How can we have 41% or more humidity and still face drought conditions?

In spite of that, summer is also flowers...
(copyright 2012 Jane Heitman Healy)

and produce...
(photo by F Delventhal)

and Shakespeare in the park...
(and here's Falls Park, the old mill, before the play.)
(copyright 2012, Jane Heitman Healy)

Summer is upcoming concerts in various parks around town....
First up at Music Monday at McKennan Park on July 16 is the Crabgrass Crew.

and vacation...

and, of course, reading!
(photo by brewbooks) This is someone else's stack, but you can keep track of my current reading by viewing the Shelfari widget on the right side of the screen.

What defines your summer this year? Do post a comment and let me know!


  1. Hi Jane
    This summer I am thinking about how hot it will be. To save electricity I set bamboo curtains to the windows, which help cooling.
    I also look forward some fun events like firework displays and jazz concert along the river.
    Let's enjoy our summer even how hot it is!

  2. Hi, beagleAnnie, glad to hear about the fun events you plan to experience!

  3. Hi, Jane, Summer means lots of driving for me: kids' camps, lessons, vacations, pool, library, etc. And now we have a kid who needs driving practice sessions. I'm also planning to do some driving in a few weeks for research for my WIP.

  4. Hi, Debbie, I think how different things are now than when I grew up and we walked or rode bike everywhere. Hope you have a great research trip!