Monday, September 5, 2011

Late Summer Swan Song

Geese, ducks, and this swan let me visit them this Labor Day morning at Arrowhead Park, not far from home. This is Sioux Falls' newest park on an old Sioux quartzite quarry site, donated by Dale and Dorothy Weir. The intent is to preserve the land's natural state, while enhancing it for visitors. Other birders, walkers, and photographers were out to capture the natural beauty of the end of summer. Trails lead walkers beside ponds where quartzite was quarried and across prairie grasses to picnic tables and benches. From there, the valley below displays its rural riches.
Swans aren't all that common around here, but aerated ponds, abundant food and protection must appeal to this bird. I always think of The Ugly Duckling tale by Hans Christian Andersen. A classic German tale is The Swan Maidens, who are also the subject of Russian tales and Tchaikovsky's ballet Swan Lake. In cultures worldwide, swans represent luck, grace, and healing. What swan stories do you know? I'll leave you with a segment of The Muppets adaptation of the famous ballet. This one is called "Swine Lake," of course:


  1. I love these beautiful photos. Peaceful atomosphere in autumn. And too funny ballet! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you, Jane! Have a good day.

  2. Thank YOU, beagleAnnie. Hope the beginning of autumn is beautiful where you are, too.

  3. Your photography is amazing !!


  4. EQ, glad you enjoy my photos. Thanks for stopping. I love quotations, so will be visiting your site often.