Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Reading

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The calendar is still a few days away from summer, and where I live, the temps have been more like spring, but as soon as school's out, everyone thinks "SUMMER!" In my world, that means "SUMMER READING!"

Libraries across the country collaborate on themes and materials, with posters by famous book illustrators, to offer summer reading programs for all ages. This year's theme is "One World, Many Stories." Prizes and special events abound to celebrate reading. See what your library has to offer!

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I have written about what to read, but this year I'm more interested in how. Print? Downloadable electronic books? Downloadable audio? Audio discs? Reading on the computer? New devices and programs make all of this possible. As one librarian said, "If it gets people to read, I'm all for it!"

Should we care in what format people (especially kids) are reading as long as they are reading? Stephen Abram, library futurist and trend follower, uses the term "format agnostic."

I do most of my professional reading on the computer. I don't own any fancy portable electronic devices--yet--so my fiction reading is old fashioned paperback or hardcover. Sometimes an ereader would be handy--for reading what a librarian friend calls "sternum crushers" in bed or for easy travel toting.

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Here are some summer reading suggestions:
For kids: Nick's Picks
For kids and teens: from Horn Book
For adults: Seth's picks, fiction & nonfiction and Beach Reads

What are you reading in which format on which device? Why do you choose the format you do? In any case, happy reading!
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  1. I read all those ways except via computer. My favorite format for myself is my nook, but I bounce between nook and print. I like the e-reader because it's compact (goes everywhere with me) and easy on the eyes. I do indulge in an occasional audio CD or on my ipod when I'm traveling or cleaning. Gotta get our fill of good stories some how!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth. I think it's wonderful to have all these choices and be able to take stories with us wherever we go!

  3. Good sense, and thanks for the recommendations!

  4. I read quite a few books on my nook and iPhone. I can borrow ebooks
    from the library or purchase them from B&N. I do miss that "new"
    book smell sometimes, so then I'll have to purchase a book to satisfy
    my senses.

  5. Thanks for the comment, soocoo57. There's something to be said for the smell & feel of good paper and ink. I enjoy old books as much as new ones for that.