Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brave & Bold Women: National Women's History Month

Frida Kahlo by OliverAlex Creative Commons license

To continue celebrating National Women's History Month, I'll send you to Pat Mora's blog, Bookjoy, where she gives a few examples of books about brave, bold women. Do you agree that the women she chose were brave and bold?

Over at Children's Book Review, Bianca Schulze chose 5 Kids' Books that Celebrate Women and Empower Girls. What do you think about her choices?

Cleopatra statue photo by Tiffany Silva Creative Commons license

To dig even deeper, here's a link from Encyclopaedia Britannica that lists 300 women who changed the world. Who is not on this list that should be? Who would you leave off?

What woman--historical, contemporary, or fictional--has had a lasting positive impression on you?

Mother and Daughter on a Swing by Robert Walker MacBeth, 1895

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  1. a friend wrote with these recommendations:
    "Some of my favorite picture books about women are Nobody Owns the Sky by Reeve Lindberg (Anne and Charles' daughter, I think) about Bessie Owens, one of the first black pilots, and Marvelous Mattie (nonfiction) about the woman who invented the paper bag and the fight she had to get credit for it. Also, Seven Brave Women by Betsy Hearne. It's about the women in her family who lived during wars but didn't fight in them; however, they had accomplishments of their own"