Thursday, May 7, 2009

Results of Poem in Your Pocket Day

(photo by Eddi 07

Did you particpate? How many poems did you put in others'pockets? Did you keep a poem in your own pocket and pull it out every now and then? Or was the poem one you'd memorized so you could recite snatches of it in your mind--or to others?

Honestly, handing poems to strangers could be seen as odd. But the responses I got were pure delight. "Oh," the grocery checker exclaimed,"I love stuff like this!" She put it in her pocket to read later. "I have a drawer full of this kind of thing. You never know, I might use it some day!" We smiled at each other, and I went on to my hair dresser.

"Oh, what's this?" she asked as I handed her a poem. I explained that it was Put a Poem in Your Pocket Day. "How neat!" And she read it then and there.

I'm thinking I might like to keep a stash of poems in my pocket and hand them out now and then, whether it's Poem in Your Pocket Day or not. I dare you to do the same--and let me know the results.