Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Interest

Grumbling about winter (see previous post) won't make it disappear, but a trip to Denver when it was freakishly warm (high 60's, low 70's) certainly helped!

Garden experts advise landscaping for all seasons, planting for winter interest as well as the other green, flowering seasons. One winter interest idea is including evergreens, of course. But bare trees and shrubs can add beauty, too. Bare branches display their graceful forms. Lingering berries or seed pods provide texture and color. Some branches themselves hold red, green, or gold tint year 'round, but only show it in winter. And don't forget the soft rustle of ornamental grasses swaying in the wind.

Photos taken at the Denver Botanical Gardens demonstrate the concept of winter interest very well, especially since the temps felt more like spring!

What interests you in nature this winter?


  1. dude. When did you go to denver? When I was there (Friday through Monday for ALA) we had 7 inches of darned snow!

  2. 1/20-1/22. It was wonderful!!! Sorry you missed it.

  3. My dear, the ornamental grasses look cool in the Deep South, but the brown lawns of southern turf need snow cover or something