Saturday, August 23, 2008

? for President

The poltical conventions are upon us, and we will be even more deluged with political news, views, previews,and reviews until after the elections. Let's take a deep breath before we dive into all this and lighten up for a minute.

I loved ShelfTalker's blog post (bookseller Alison Morris) from August 6. What fictional character would you want in the White House? Read the post and comments below the post, then post your own comments here or to me on email. Choose running mates and an entire cabinet if you like. Have fun and let the voting begin!!

Might I suggest:

Left to right: Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Vice President, President


  1. The first comment in from a friend who shall remain anonymous:
    "I considered pulling the Oz picture into Photoshop and superimposing Obama and Biden's heads, but I quickly decided it was not a good idea to put Joe's smiling mug on Dorothy's body. (Although he does look good in blue!)"

  2. Another anonymous friend suggested Toto as Secretary of Homeland Security