Saturday, June 21, 2008

Synapses Afire!

Experts say that to keep the brain alert, active, and creative, we need to keep challenging it and trying new things. If that is so, you might see smoke coming out my ears, my synapses are firing so fast!

Since I last wrote, I have (with the assistance of dear ones--THANK YOU!) packed up my household of 10 years, left my job of 17 years, moved two states away, gotten married, taken a honeymoon to a place I'd never been, merged two households, met new in-laws, and remember where I put the things I've unpacked. I've changed my name, address, phone number, drivers license and license plates, hairdresser, medical caregivers, church, grocery store, and umpteen other things.

Though I was familiar with my new city, I still need to concentrate on what route to take to my destination and back, mindful that Hansel & Gretel's breadcrumb method didn't work. So far, I haven't gotten hopelessly lost or needed more than two tries to get where I was going. But I do allow for extra time, and my usual efficient self feels stymied by having to try so hard to do the basics.

If the brain experts are right, all this mental exercise will result in excellent mental health and acuity into old age and happily ever after.

To keep your brain sharp, see the puzzles at Brain Metrix:

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