Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Joy of Reading

Here's a link to an article from the Telegraph, a UK newspaper, about the joy of reading and how it can become drudgery when children get to school.

The author also lists 100 books every child should read. What books would be on your list?


  1. Well, enthusiasm, interest, and desire factor into every endeavor, don't they? And I think one thing that contributes to the general disinterest in book reading is that TV and video games compete for reading time, even in young children. My guess would be that households without television read more, and that reading doesn't seem foreign to those children when they head off to school. That being said, a bad teacher can take the fun out reading, math, science, or anything else (well, maybe not lunch, art, and recess!).

  2. A friend emailed me and offered these titles/authors/series as her favorites. She shall remain anonymous.

    "Pickle Chiffon Pie
    Where the Wild Things Are
    Dr. Seuss (pretty much all; tho I hated Green Eggs & Ham, my son loved it)
    Narnia series
    Beatrix Potter
    And one I've tried unsuccessfully to find, Guillermo and the Wind, about a little boy who is afraid of the sound of the wind, but gradually becomes friends with the wind."

  3. The Amelia Bedelia books were favorites of our children. We declared "tv free weeks" and enjoyed reading and discussing books when our daughters were growing up. The favorites link motivated me to begin a favorites book list for our granddaughter as her library grows. Books make the BEST gifts too, not only to the child but also to a library in honor of a child. One of our new small groups at church is the "Reading Buddies" group that meets one Sunday afternoon each month. When a parent can't attend with the child, a retired teacher becomes the buddy for the day.