Sunday, November 21, 2010

Give Thanks

(photo by woodleywonderworks

My grandmother and her friends spoke Danish when they got together, especially when they talked about me in front of me or talked about things they didn't think a pre-schooler should know. One day I asked Grandma to teach me some Danish words. "Tak," she said. "Thanks." And "Tak for kaffe." "Thanks for coffee." Thanks and coffee were two important concepts for Danish girls!

(photo by skype nomad

When my brother and I forgot to say "Please" or "Thank you," our parents reminded us by asking, "What are the magic words?" These words really do have a bit of magic about them. Saying thanks, letting others know we appreciate them "keeps the channel of love open," according to our pastor. (photo by The National Archives UK)

I recently joined some Facebook friends in 40 Days of Thankfulness, an exercise where we each posted one (or more) things we were thankful for that day. Others who did not participate commented that it inspired them and lightened their days. I am thankful for that!

During those 40 days, finding things to be thankful for was no problem--I am surrounded by family, friends, natural beauty, the arts, and all kinds of little things. Intentionally giving thanks gets me out of my rut of taking things and people for granted and makes me realize how wonderful life is.

This Thanksgiving season, TAK! I am thankful for you. I hope your life is full of wonderful things and people. What are you thankful for?

(photo by vistamommy


  1. I am thankful for friends like you. In Lakota - pilamayaye!

  2. Thanks, Joan, and thanks for the language lesson!