Monday, May 11, 2009

Looking for Robert Sabuda...

...and finding David Small!

Our outdoor plans in Omaha foiled by rain, we made our way to the Joslyn Art Museum. Publicity had led us to believe they were featuring an exhibit of pop-up book artist, Robert Sabuda. But, alas, the publicity was in error. Sabuda's work will be shown this fall, according to the man at the desk.

Our disappointment was soothed by the building itself, one of the finest examples of art deco in the country, built of Georgia rose marble in 1931. We saw two galleries of early Western artists, Alfred Jacob Miller and Thomas L. McKenney.

And we lovers of children's book illustrations were delighted by the exhibit featuring the works of David Small, Caldecott Medal winner in 2001. Not a household name, at least not in our household, we enjoyed realizing that we recognized his style and did know his work after all.

Who knows what we will find the next time we're in Omaha on a rainy day? Click on the links to see more about the art museum and the artists. Then let me know what great art exhibits you've seen lately, especially children's book art.

Happy National Children's Book Week!

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