Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recycling Rewards

Airlines, credit cards, and stores of all kinds offer rewards for frequent business. Why not recycling? What? Yes, you heard right--recycling!

Few people think of South Dakota as a recycling hot bed, yet our sanitation service is one of several in the country offering rewards for recycling (in addition to the intrinsic reward of being kind to the environment). A September 27 Newsweek story explains, and quotes Bob Novak, owner of Novak Sanitation, our service.

We only recently began to rack up reward points. The company brought us a recycle bin much larger than our garbage bin. Recycle pickup is every two weeks, with garbage pickup every week. Since so much can be recycled (all kinds of paper & cardboard, plastics #1-7, cans of aluminum, tin, and steel, and glass), we have less and less trash.
Eventually, we will earn enough reward points to eat out for free at local restaurants or get free merchandise at local stores. And we can recycle the packaging to earn more points. Sounds as if everyone wins on this deal, including Mother Earth. Why not ask if your sanitation service will do the same?


  1. I am hoping we can get recycling pickups in our area. Talked to my local councilman who's only been there for a year. Pray it happens, points or no points. Like your blog.

  2. We live in a county that expects you to drop recyclables to various points, one called Happy Hour, staffing special needs adults. Talked to a local councilman to see if pickups could happen here, points or no points.
    Do like that idea of frequent cycler points.

  3. Thanks, Cynthia. Yes, I do pray recycling pickups happen in your area. But I like the idea of Happy Hour, giving jobs to special needs adults. That's also important.