Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hail, Poetry!

It's National Poetry Month AND prom season!

Here'a a little something to honor both:

Hail, Poetry,
My high-falutin’ friend.
You dress the ordinary in organza
Like a tomboy at her first prom,
Bedazzled by her beauty.


How does poetry enhance your life? What would you compare it to?


  1. Poetry, you
    are my curse,
    always there
    like a scrawny
    cat outside
    my door
    following my
    comings and goings
    with wide, sad eyes,
    waiting for a pat,
    a word, or a random
    cup of milk,
    anything acknowledging
    your persistent presence.
    I have little
    time for useless
    beasts, no matter
    how pathetic. Still
    you wait, with the patience
    of all felines,
    for me to come out
    one morning and bring
    you in from the cold,
    to feed you fish
    and give you a place
    in my lap. Why do
    I neglect you?
    Because I know
    when all else is gone,
    you will still be there,
    oh, space between
    all words,
    oh, soul of my soul.